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Pioneer TX-9100 recap / refurbishment

Gemakshalve is deze pagina alleen in het Engels geschreven.

This page is written using English language only.

This Pioneer TX-9100 was bought in good shape.

It was decided to do a quick refurbishment, using parts already at hand.

Further comments on this page are rather technical, more or less aimed at technicians, to share experiences. They assume people having documentation at hand, which can be downloaded from the web.

For information about this Pioneer equipment, see this really great Pioneer site of Njord Noatun, as well as the well-known fmtunerinfo site.

The power supply board

The power supply board is located at the bottom.

It delivers several voltages. Electrolytic capacitors and most transistors were replaced.

The MPX /Audio board and parts changes, also of AM/IF board

The stereo separation potentiometer on this board was replaced by a fixed resistor.

The tuner bottom side, before the update

Bottom side, after the update

The tuner top side, before the update

Top side, shielding removed, after the update

Click here for the accompanying SA8100

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