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Rogers Ravensbourne. Refurbished during 2013. rogers ravensbourne picture

I regretted selling this one some 10 years ago as I have seen it on the Dutch "marktplaats" for two times afterwards by different people, but now I have an alike (Ravensbrook) on the to be refurbed pile.

A very nice amplifier, it needed a total refurbishment.

Despite the outdated technology used, employing transformers, its sound is quite good.

Maybe because of clipping behavior due to the design, it did not sound unpleasant when reaching its limits, compared to newer low wattage solid state designs.

Of course, this is a very subjective statement, I have no proof to support this claim.

picture made during the update

The back before refurbishment

Nice to know is one needs RCA connectors of sufficient length to be able to use the MM DISC input: When not in use, they short out themselves and when the connectors are too short, the switches taking away the shorts do not work.

This amplifier was sold, as I can not keep them all.

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